Accounting Course Overview

Accounting Course Overview

All business entities, regardless of size and economic situation, require qualified accountans to efficiently handle their finances. Accounting and financial management are some of the core activities that support an organisation. Accounting deals with the preparation, interpretation, and use of financial information in management decisions.

What will you study?

Accounting acourses will equip you with the technical and theoretical understanding of financial concepts and practices. You will also be exposed to subjects like econmics, IT and law.

Core subjects

Auditing; company law; cost accounting; economics (micro- and macro-); financial accounting; management accounting; management information systems; quantitative methods; taxation.

Typical course duration

After completing a pre-university course, it takes about three to four years to obtain a bachelor's degree.


Many universities require a background in mathematics. Other relevant pre-university-level subjects are economics, business studies, statistics, and accounting.

What do graduates do?

To practise as an accountant in Malaysia, accounting graduates need to be registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). The requirements include passing examinations offered by professional accounting bodies (eg ACCA, CIMA, CPA etc) that are recognised by the MIA.

Employment opportunities are available in government agencies, accounting firms, specialised practices, consultancies, and in organisations of all sizes across all industries.

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